TMW wanted to learn about building things that interacted with GPS data. We had an old bike knocking around the office so we decided to put a GPS tracker inside a waterproof enclosure, attach it to the bike complete with a dynamo to give it a way of keeping the tracker charged and then cast it out into the wild streets of Soho, London.

We did learn about GPS technology and very quickly built a working prototype that converted GPS latitude and longitude data into readable points plotted on a Google map.

What did surprise us is despite the obvious messaging of it being a 'FREE RIDE' people either passed by completely oblivious to it or weren't motivated to get on it and ride.

On the third day we noticed the bike start moving out of Soho. It carried on until it stopped at a council estate in Chelsea where it kept pinging its location until the battery died. Marc Curtis visited and after half an hour hanging around spotted the bike being wheeled around by two people that claimed to have bought it from a ‘drug addict’. We managed to reclaim the bike but sadly the tech had already been removed.