Every year I work with the Director of Innovation to help organise a hackday at my agency. These hackdays have been instrumental in exploring and demonstrating new ways of working. Teams of people essentially lock themselves in a room for 24 hours to work on a brief. We’ve seen phenominal amounts of work produced to a high standard in a short space of time. Everyone self-organises and finds their role and although visibly tired at the end, participants emerge smiling and feeling creatively fulfilled.

It would be hard for any agency operating a waterfall working system to not think about better ways of doing things after witnessing the output of a hackday.

Hardware Beers

I love anything that brings people together in ways to be creative. After meeting fellow hardware hacker in a laser cutting workshop we got chatting and decided to form a hardware meetup. We kept it simple, it was to be called Hardware Beers. Every month we meet and bounce ideas around, talk about any interesting things we’ve seen and try and help each other where possible.