During the last year of my study at Central Saint Martins we had the opportunity to self-initiate a brief. I chose to explore human motivation, and more specifically motivation to work creatively.

I produced a dissertation around the hypothesis:

Self-motivation is crucial to making a business dream become a reality, but humans are prone to procrastination.
Investigate how product design can motivate future entrepreneurs to give flight to their business ideas.”

It touched on time management techniques, theories of flow, autonomy, innovation, gamification and the needs that create motivation in humans. You can read it here.

This dissertation formed the springboard for the creation of ‘Taskbot’, a desktop companion designed to help the user stay motivated whilst working under their own steam.


Based on a time management technique called The Pomodoro Technique Taskbot challenges the user to focus for small chunks of time with 5 minute break intervals. The product monitors the users behaviour during these focus periods in the physical and digital space to make sure they aren’t interacting with any ‘time sinks’. Following a successful focus period the length of the period will increase. If the user fails to remain focused the following period will run for less time. Inspired by flow theory the product aims to match the user’s ability and promote steady increase in their capability to maintain focus.

I’ve pulled out a key few slides below or you can see the full deck here.