I have spent the last few months learning every day. Slightly frustrated by wanting to run before I can walk…

Humans are equipped by nature with strong problem solving abilities, probably as a way of our genes ensuring we’ll be able to cope and thrive with whatever is on the other side of their understanding.

The problem with learning is that we are only ready to solve problems as we come up against them. We need to see limitations of what we already know before we can work to move past them.

Being taught something more advanced than your current level of understanding will often go in one ear and out the other, because you aren’t able to conceptualise a model of what is going on in your head; failing to imagine the problems that the methods being taught are trying to solve.

People often talk about how anyone can do anything by using Google these days. About how you can’t properly learn a language without being immersed in an environment where that language is spoken.

Learning by doing is definitely for the win, as these Ethiopian kids that firstly taught themselves English and later hacked Android with no prompting or help can attest.

Ethiopian Kids Hacked a Tablet