Tag Wall

This weekend I managed to build my first web app from the ground up. It is shonky, it doesn’t do a lot, but I made it, from scratch.. Well, starting from the excellent HTML 5 Boilerplate and maybe with a few copy/pastes from Stack Overflow

View the app here: roowilliams.com/tag

It uses JavaScript, jQuery AJAX, PHP and and SQL queries to run. It posts the user submitted ‘tags’ into a database, then on the post’s complete callback it gets the most recent tag to display it in the page. I wasn’t sure if this was the best way to do it, and have not seen an example of this way (or any other way for that matter), but it kinda works.

I’ll catch up with the Dev’s at work and find out how to do it better.

I also made a few changes to this site’s layout this weekend; getting rid of a column, expanding the content area, adding a box shadow to the main content div and a random (of 7 possible), full bleed background image on the html element.

While I am talking about learning to code, this excellent video from Code.org:

I especially like what Zuckerberg says about learning>doing>learning>doing and building on something rudimentary to increase its capability.