Got a new batch of Arduino focused goodies from yesterday. A barometric sensor for detecting air pressure changes, a continuous rotation servo for a TMW project currently in development and a 3-axis accelerometer. I will be working up some basic experiments for these in the next week. Watch this space.

I also ordered a pair of nRF24L01+ ultra low power 2.4GHz RF transceiver modules. These are really cheap to buy and there is lots of documentation online about using these with Arduino. I am starting with this tutorial and accompanying library:

These little radios are also able to communicate with Nike+ pedometers. There are experiments to be done with this.

Arduino Sensors Barometic and Accelerometer

A project that has been running since I started my job at TMW is nearing completion, and with that comes all the problems you’d expect when trying to get atoms to do what you want. Currently the servo winch for a lifting an arm is slipping out of index. The problem is that the servo finds it easy to lower the arm thanks to gravity, but has trouble stopping at the correct place. It then struggles to lift it again.

As of now I am considering two options; counter-balance the arm to make it a little easier to lift or add more pulleys. I’ll keep you updated.

Camera Arm

Servo Winch