We needed something to rest a projector on in the TMW reception. We didn’t want to drill any holes or spend too long on it, so I found a way of hooking on to a vent and yesterday I fitted said bracket and placed a projector on it.

Being a digital agency located on the bustling King’s Road, Chelsea, it would be silly for us not to create a platform like this for displaying work, creating interactive installations or simply welcoming people as below. The mirrored output is projected from the inside onto a window treated with frosting vinyl to create the display outside.

Correcting a warped projection surface

Unconventionally, instead of projecting onto a plane we have decided to project onto a curved window. This does make for some slight horizontal distortion, but because of the way the projector projects, we also get some arching of straight lines.

The way we overcome this is to counter-arch the output. As this was to be a static image I arched the text in Photoshop to correct it, and we ended up with something looking like this.

Correcting a warped projection surface

In other news, yesterday we started filming something I worked on for Lynx last week. Watch this space.

TMW Lynx Can